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Gustav Klimt - Girl, Metropolitan Museum of Art,New York. Stained glass and print on canvas

Dimension: 270 mm x 130 mm (10.62" x 5.11" inches)

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1. 270 mm x 130 mm (10.5" x 5" inches)
2. 290 mm x 140 mm (11.41" x 5.51"inches)

Austrian artist Gustav Klimt (1862-1918)

Stained glass and printing on canvas 280 gsm thick canvas (matte).
Price for both

The closeness of the copy is gained due to digital typewriter. The print is protected by two pieces of 2 mm (0.08" inches) thick glass that are embedded into the thin lead section and soldered by tin. We use special UV stabilized paints. This window-pane is suitable for windows or to hang on a wall like a picture. The window-pane is provided in a three-layer pasteboard made specifically for this product. This box serves for safe transfer as well as an exquisite gift packaging.

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Gustav Klimt
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