Secure payment

Sekyt Art Studio want you to be safe and also to give you a choice of different ways to pay online.
Alternatively - you can select "Internet / cheque payment" if you wish to pay by either cheque or Internet / online banking. If you choose to pay by cheque / Internet banking - we will contact you to check where we should be looking for the money.


About PayPal

You can use PayPal to pay using all major credit cards with or without having a PayPal account.

To help keep your details safe, your credit or debit card details are provided directly to Paypal and not stored by us.

PayPal offer you 100% protection from unauthorised payments.

PayPal provide 24/7 monitoring to help prevent fraud.

PayPal is the chosen secure payment provider of (among others):

Virgin Mobile
Starbucks Store

And if it's good enough for them - we think it must be good enough for us too!