Milena Sekyt

Milena Sekytová

Milena Sekyt was born in Opava, Czechia.

She studied at Hollar’s Square in Prague (art college) and University UMPRUM on Palach’s Square in Prague (Arts and Crafts University).


Prague – The Charles’ street, By Gold Melon in Prague, A+G Flora, Bratislava, Cuba, Olomouc-Gallery Ateliér, USA- New York, Hradčany´s square Prague.


Prague- Emauss Monastery, The fashion pulses, National Museum, Olomouc, Liberec, USA – New York


„The woman and fashion“, „Vlasta“, „The man and fashion“, „Reflex“, „The reading for women“, „M- ONA“, „Betynka“, The magazines Mona


The evening newspaper Prague, The business centre of Sazka Café restaurant Louvre, Centrolex, The brew-house Bernard Ministry of foreign affairs, Parliament of Czech republic The commercial bank.

The cooperation:

The Vamberecka’s lace, The Silesian production Opava,Druteva, Pleas’’


in galleries and shops all over the Czech Republic. Original paintings, graphics, window-panes, glass, shawls, scarves are represented in private collections in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, England, France, America, Japan, Australia etc. She uses oil colours, creates graphic and originals on silk and glass by airbrush technique.